Who We Are

Photo Cred: Misty saves the day

Photo Cred: Misty saves the day

Crystal Salazar, Head Planning Ninja

If she's not high-fiving someone she's probably trying to organize the apps on their phone by color. Needless to say, wedding and event planning is the perfect outlet for her OCD and unwavering enthusiasm!

After college in New York City she got her start in event planning by working for a big catering company in Phoenix, Arizona. Being the complete nerd that she is, she wrote out her business plan for Cherry Blossom before she moved back to her home state and officially launched the business in 2012 specializing specifically in LGBTQ weddings and offbeat events.

Fast forward to present day and you'll find her in front of her laptop deep into color coding floor plans, in and out of meetings throughout the day, and loving on her chocolate lab and shiny new husband on weekends (non-event weekends, of course)!

I would give Crystal and her team 100 stars, 1000 tons of confetti and glitter, and all the rainbows in the world if I could!
— Amanda, married on 10-08-16 @ CNU
Photo Cred: Sandra Leigh Photography

Photo Cred: Sandra Leigh Photography

Steven Salazar, The Everything Guy

From set-up to breakdown and taking care of Roxy in between, Steven Salazar does it all. When he's not at events, he's probably out trying a new brewery or letting his friends think they can beat him at disc golf. During the week he's the IT guy, the linen pick up guy, the cake stand drop off guy, and the unofficial champagne bottle popper of the Salazar household.

Photo Cred: Stellar Exposures

Photo Cred: Stellar Exposures

Roxy Salazar aka #roxyzar

Roxy's favorite color is purple and she has never met a carb she didn't like. Her ability to light up a room instantly puts a smile on everyone's face and often time she supervises Steven's pick-ups. She has absolutely zero concept of how big she is and will try to crawl in your lap or give you an uncontrollable amount of kisses - don't say we didn't warn you! 


The Planning Ninjas

Patrizia, Heidi, Jessie, Marie, oh my! This team of thinkers and doers understands why your table numbers need to face the main entrance and have no qualms with jumping in to help with any aspect of an event. If they were to list out their resume, it would read something like this: 

  • Proficient in proper place settings, dress bustling, emergency boutonnière repair, and glow stick management

  • Individually responsible for preventing at least (1) dozen hangry clients per year

  • Expert packing skills, labeling enthusiasts

  • Ultimate party starters