If you’re reading through this website, you’ve probably figured out that a helping hand in this industry can save you a huge amount of stress and money.  We plan weddings all day – we love it! – and we’ll organize all the crazy for you.  Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from us throughout this process:

Step 1:  At our first meeting, bring anything that helps us understand what you’re envisioning.  Fabric swatches are great, you can email us a link to your Pinterest wedding board, share experiences from weddings you’ve been to before (what you liked and didn’t like)…  No detail is too small!  The first meeting is designed for us to listen and take notes so we can keep track of what’s important to you on your wedding day.

Step 2:  Once we’ve gotten through the basics, we need to figure out which package works best for you.  A 25% retainer fee via check, Stripe, or GoogleWallet + a signed contract saves the date and then you’re locked in!

Step 3: We get along, communicate well with each other, and you’ve hired us for your wedding (thank you!).  Now the real fun begins.  We reply to all emails and phone calls within 48 business hours and we don’t shy away from texting – whichever method works best for you works best for us.