White is Nice But...

Shopping for a wedding dress is a thrilling experience. I don't know about you, but wearing beaded bodices, ballgowns, and mermaid dresses just isn't a part of my everyday life. I love to soak in every ounce of prettinesses whenever I walk into Studio I Do in Hilltop because it makes me feel like maybe it could be. 

One of my favorite things about Ashley's salon is that they have a ton of different options to choose from. Classic, trendy, two pieces, capes, accessories - you name it! Ashley's sense of style inadvertently seeps into the gowns she chooses to carry, and it's a wonderful thing. The last time we got together with her we asked her to pull fun things we knew our couples would enjoy: dresses other than white! Naturally she didn't disappoint:

It Takes A Village

If you've ever been a project manager, a circus ring leader, or owned your own business, you'll totally understand how quickly 24 hours can disappear in the blink of an eye. For me personally, I choose to give the majority of my time awake to our clients, followed by Steven/ Roxy time, and then it's a constant battle between more sleep or carrying myself to the gym like I should be doing. 

Where am I going with all this? All that stuff you see on our Facebook and Instagram is done by someone else because I don't have time for it. It doesn't fall into the client/ family/ sleeping categories, and is therefore outsourced. 

I know, I know... the posts sound just like ME! How is that even possible?! Well, it's possible because we have a close-knit team and within our team is a Kristina. You'll often see Kristina the day-of at your wedding high-fiving everyone just before the grand entrance, and she's also the one running our Instagram account. The gal has made a living doing this for creative entrepreneurs, and here's more of her story: 

More Than Just Watercolor

It's no secret that I am not a designer by nature. Sure, I can put together a cohesive design nowadays but it took years of working alongside pros like Janel of Vivid Expressions to get me to this point. People like Janel are just born with a colorful soul. She gets design beyond the color wheel. She can envision things for a ceremony backdrop that I wouldn't even begin to fathom because I didn't know it could exist in real life. People like her are the reason it can exist.

Learning more about the pros in our area is incredibly inspiring isn't it?! It doesn't matter your background, how you get started, or where you might go just as long as you stay at it. Eleven years later and Janel has proven exactly that. 


The Man with the Golden Voice

When you hear Chris speak you know he was born to be a DJ. Seriously, just listen to him! His cool demeanor and sarcastic charm makes him super easy to work with, but the best part is he has taken the time to build a team of duplicates. When you hire Music Makes You Happy for your wedding or event, you know all the guys have been through the same training, roll out with quality equipment, and know how to run a show. 

Enough of me explaining it, you can hear it directly from Chris himself:

I'm a little sad he didn't get his start in the streets of NYC, but I'll get over it. What really matters is his character and the outstanding business he has built. Cheers to Chris and all that he has accomplished! 

Behind The Veil: Boss Babe Extreme

Liz is that cool chick you mean and instantly want to sit next to. Her hair is a cotton candy purple, she's covered in tattoos, and her eyelashes are on point. But how? How does she do it? Between raising kids, running Behind The Veil, and finding time for eyeliner,  she's a modern marvel. The best part? She's an open book and has a great story to tell. 

After 5 years of business and over 250 reviews, it's easy to see why we refer Behind The Veil so often. If you're interested in hiring their team for your wedding, act fast! They book up quickly on a first come, first serve basis. 

Video of Us in Action

Ever wonder what we do behind the scenes? Kristina followed us around with a Go-Pro at a recent wedding and patched together this cool DIY video. Truth be told 90% of our work is done the months leading up to the wedding. The day-of we like to bustle dresses, pass out granola bars to anyone who might need one, and make sure the DJ has water while s/he is jamming out. Of course we do a lot in terms of details, setting up, breaking down, etc. but overall it's a pretty fun day! In this video you can catch glimpses of us in action and a little bit of "hey, can you re-do that for the go-pro this time?" 

In the Hot Seat: Stellar Exposures

When I first started Cherry Blossom in 2012, I thought I had to be a certain way. Tattoos? Should probably hide those. My unconventional way of thinking? Try to keep that to myself. A love for tacos and margaritas? Probably not an image I should project. 

Throughout the years I've met a handful of awesome people who have encourage me to really just be myself. They're usually the ones who aren't posing properly in every networking photo and give the biggest bear hugs. Amanda from Stellar Exposures is one of those people. 

Aside from her beautiful photography, her offbeat approach to business just warms my heart. She loves what she does and is great at it, has no qualms with shooting in high stress situations (cough cough weddings), and is always down for an adventure. She loves hard and it shows with every couple she captures. Amanda is the type of person you don't mind in the room when your dress is struggling to zip up - that totally happened to me! - and the first one you want to high five after the thrill of your ceremony. 

During our Champagne with Cherry Blossom interview, I peppered her with questions pertaining specifically to her business. For those of you starting your own business adventure and not feeling like you exactly fit in, this one is for you!