Why We Care About Your Engagement Date

Less than two weeks into my own engagement people were asking me all kinds of crazy questions. Did you set a date? How many people will you have in your wedding party? What colors do you want to use? I do this for a living and just like that I had a whole new sense of empathy for our couples - it's all so overwhelming! I've barely gotten used to the fact I'm getting married and you want to know what my budget is? At least take me out to dinner first, geez. 

Then it hit me. Maybe I do that to our Cherry Blossom couples?! Oh no! Luckily I know my way around the back end of our website so I immediately added this question to our contact form:

"When did you become engaged?"

That little question can tell me a world of information about where a couple might be in the planning process. Those who have been engaged for a while probably have a better idea of their budget, maybe even some of their vendors booked. Us ninjas can just jump in and tie up the loose ends by getting to the nuts and bolts of your wedding together.

If a couple has been engaged for a shorter period of time, I know to curb the detail-oriented questions and focus more on big picture ideas. What design ideas are you drawn to? Which venues are on your shortlist? What colors do you want to incorporate? Have you even had the opportunity to discuss budget with your partner in crime and families just yet? 

Now of course this isn't always the case. We've definitely worked with couples who have been engaged for years with zero planning started, and those on the other side of the spectrum who have their whole wedding planned in less than three weeks. Since I just added this field to the contact form, we're going to monitor the results and report our scientific findings at the end of the year by creating some line graphs and colorful pie charts. Stay tuned!

Engagement present from my BFF @ Paperdolls Design with the date he proposed and city

Engagement present from my BFF @ Paperdolls Design with the date he proposed and city