Why 2017 is Going to KICK ASS

I've been preparing for 2017 for months. Now that it's finally here, I can't wait to share all the fun stuff I've been working on. Last year was amazing in itself because Kristina came on board, and it's been heartwarming to witness all the ways Steven has taken charge behind the scenes. We worked with some amazing couples, had the opportunity to travel a bit, and closed out the year with 38 weddings. Our goal in 2017 is a little higher and I am feeling PUMPED thanks to the crazies that keep pushing Cherry Blossom forward. Aside from getting married in February (OMFG that's like a month away!), here are some awesome things I'm looking forward this year:


Cherry Blossom is turning 5 in February and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with a facelift. Our BFF's at PaperDolls Design are giving our brand a fresh new feel, and Amanda from Stellar Exposures is updating our headshots for us @ Cure Coffeehouse. We can't spill all the fun details but rest assured that there will be a pinata involved!

Amanda from Stellar Exposures + Katrina @ a wedding in September

Amanda from Stellar Exposures + Katrina @ a wedding in September

Our Norfolk office already had a bit of a make-over in October and it feels fantastic. The walls were warmed up with a salmony-coral color, and Steven and I whittled a t-shaped desk. By "whittle" I really mean "followed an Ikea hack," but you get the idea. Our fingers are still attached despite using power tools and now there's a cool new desk to show for it! 


Remember life before an iPhone? I don't either and that's exactly how I feel about implementing Aisle Planner - how have we survived the past 5 years without this software?! Our clients will now have their own online dashboard for all of their wedding things: style guides, a kickass timeline, budgets, contracts - you name it! Technology makes my OCD heart so happy! 


Just the words "full service" are a little intimidating to me. If a client booked us for full service, would that mean they would expect us to polish their shoes or fan them during hair + make-up? After a lot of soul searching I realized that's not who I am therefore that's not the type of person Cherry Blossom attracts. I'm so excited about this new service for the sheer fact that I/ we just want to help - when you love what you do, you go out of your way to find more ways to do it, right? ;) 

With new systems under our belt, an inviting fresh office, and an updated brand, we are ready to help all the offbeat couples who choose us to plan their weddings. I am so incredibly thankful for everything I learned in 2016 and CAN'T WAIT to throw glitter all over 2017. Let's do this.

Photo cred: Stephanie Yonce Photography

Photo cred: Stephanie Yonce Photography