What's In Our Emergency Kit

We've always wondered how Jennifer Lopez was able to keep all of her emergency tricks around her tiny little waist because we come ready with a full blown tool bag. Whether you need a granola bar or safety pin, we come ready. Of course the basics are stocked (scissors, lighters, tissues) but we also have some things in there that might make you raise an eyebrow. The tote is divided up by section with labeled clear plastic baggies so anyone can see what is where. Though this is not an extensive list, here are some of the random yet oh so needed tools:

In the "dress" bag - dental floss, curved threading needle, curved safety pins, and a crochet hook. We learned about these awesome things at a workshop we attended not too long ago and life has been better ever since. If we need to sew someone into their dress, out come the dental floss + curved threading needles (thanks Emily Weddings!). Curved safety pins make all the difference in the world and we didn't even know they existed before Milk & Honey told us about then. And though we have yet to use it, Antonia Christianson Events swears by keeping a crochet hook in her kit to button up a whole back of buttons. 

Tools of the trade - zip ties, pipe cleaners, super glue, glue dots, and other fasteners. Depending on the venue, those zip ties and pipe cleaners sure do come in handy. We can straighten out DIY florals on a ceremony arch with our green pipe cleaners (they blend in!), and we've used zip ties to strap stuff down when it was windy outside. 

Beauty - whether you need nail polish or spray deodorant, you can find it in here. Bobby pins, hairspray, dry shampoo, you name it!

Around the tote - trash bags, 5 Hour Energy drinks, mints, white towels to blot off bouquets or wedding dresses, more scissors, more tissues. 

There's also a baggie in there for toiletries stocked with things like band aides + baby powder, and one titled for your mouth that includes a small can of ginger ale, tylenol, tums, and mints. We've learned about 5 different ways to use baby wipes along the years, and we always have a spare cake knife on hand. All that's left to add is some emergency champagne!