Videography 101 with Intellect Media

Marcus Williams is a perfectionist, focused on his craft, and apparently has goals of walking around beaches naked. All jokes aside, he has a deep love for videography and our little video hopes to showcase that. 

I'd also like to mention that this is our FIRST official try at Champagne with Cherry Blossom. Our friend Vanessa from View It Do It came over one Sunday morning to give us a crash course on how to edit video in iMovie, and we've been stumbling around ever since.

In time, it is our hope that our future clients will be able to see why we refer who we refer. Or why we encourage first looks, etc. It's one thing to hear it from your planner but it's another thing entirely to hear it from a different professional - sometimes it just helps put it in perspective a little bit better! 

Special shout out to Jollity & Co. for letting us set up shop in their party room, and an extra big hug to Steven for helping me edit this thing. And while we're at it, Apple should get a high five too for making their iPhone 7 Plus pretty easy to use.