Starting A Wedding Planning Business? Consider This First.

Back in 2011 when I was first writing my business plan I remember thinking to myself "wedding planning should be easy - all you need is the internet and a printer!" Boy was I wrong. Never mind the actual amount of money it takes to keep the business running and all the emotions you help families navigate, here's a list of other things I had no clue about:

  • GLOW STICKS TAKE A LONG TIME TO PUT TOGETHER. Cracking 300 glow sticks to pass out during a dance set is no problem. Oh, you want them connected into necklaces? Sure, just give me about 40 minutes...
Photo cred: Justin Hankins

Photo cred: Justin Hankins


  • YOU'RE A KNOW-IT-ALL. It never dawned on me that vendors would come to me for answers for all sorts of questions. Do you know where Uncle Joe is? How does the elevator in this brand new hotel work? Do the newlyweds prefer light ice or no ice in their drinks? Ummmmm, I don't know?! Well, now I do know because I take some ridiculous notes throughout planning and make sure each detail (including how they take their scotch) is in the timeline.
  • YOU LOSE THE CONCEPT OF TIME. Because we do the bulk of planning for our day-of couples three months in advance, I'm always confused as to what month we're in now. Here are some common Crystal-isms:
    • Are you sure your kid is turning 3 already? Pretty sure we just sent you down the aisle last year and I would obviously remember your child. Are you sure it's been 3+ years since your wedding? Really?
    • Are you sure we just had that conversation yesterday and not last month?
    • There's no way Steven and I just got married 3 months ago... wait, we're in the month of May right now? Are you sure? 
  • YOUR MEMORY GOES TO SHIT. My brain is cluttered with all sorts of fun facts. I can tell you the date of any given Saturday in 2017 but please don't expect me to recite what time cake cutting is without referencing it on the timeline. In social settings it's almost worst. If I lose my train of thought mid-conversation it's just gone and there's no coming back. This is a depressing state of my reality given I used to pride myself on never needing to write anything down. 
  • SO... MANY... PROGRAMS. Here's a running list of programs I regularly use to make Cherry Blossom operational in no particular order: 17hats, Aisle Planner, QuickBooks, AllSeated, WeddingWire, G Suite (all of it), SquareSpace... I think that's it...? Don't get me started on the various social media apps and their accompanying editing apps, the different places we advertise to stay in front of our dream couples, or the professionals on retainer to keep things legal. 

So much for starting an "easy" business! Five years down and a million to go. Don't worry, I'm trying to get better about blogging in general so I'll have a history of Cherry Blossom written down in one place. How else would I remember what happens?! ;)