So... You're Going To A Wedding Show

Ok, I get it. Not everyone is as overly enthusiastic about spending an afternoon at a wedding show as I am. What's not to love about being in a football stadium-sized room filled with vendor after vendor after vendor? It's like a fantasy land for your wedding! You get to walk around with a mimosa, a mini cupcake with fancy swirl frosting, a gourmet taquito, and all anyone cares about is what your plans are for your big day. Sounds like the best day ever! 

Seeing as I bought my wedding dress from Milk & Honey, I jumped at the opportunity to help man their booth at House of Maya's Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase. Instead of wearing my usual planner hat, I got to talk to brides as a bride and tell them about the fantastic experience I had at their store - again, best day ever! 

It was interesting to see the couples and their families walking by. Some were on a mission with their checklists, others wandered off from their friends on purpose. The majority looked like they were nearly paralyzed because they were so overwhelmed. Putting my planner hat back on, here's what I would tell those overwhelmed couples before they set foot inside:

  1. Go through the booths like you go through the aisles at Target. Weave in and out of every row of vendors with zero expectations and all the time in the world. By the time you leave, you'll be happily surprised with all the "things" (or business cards or ideas) in your wedding cart! 
  2. Take in the scenery. All of it. Look up, look down, and breathe it all in. The wedding industry is full of vendors with creative ideas. For example, the gals @ Milk & Honey wrapped a rolling rack in wrapping paper to use as a backdrop. A ROLLING RACK! They covered the legs with bunched up linens and no one knew any better. Genius! You might get inspired by a menu card, the way a napkin is folded, or even the way a glass ornament can be used to add height to your cake. 
  3. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I like to think of wedding shows like I think of podcasts. I listen to podcasts as I'm drawing floor plans, but I'm not fully listening. By the end of it something sticks and I feel inspired. The same principle can be applied to wedding shows, too! Pay attention to which vendors you remember after the show - those are obviously the ones that made the biggest impression and will inspire you throughout planning. 

And let's not forget the best part about wedding shows: the opportunity to dream, be inspired, and walk around with as many delicious possibilites as you can carry. Happy planning!