No Dogs Allowed

To say I love our dog is an understatement. She's so much fun, matches my energy most of the time, and is my very own personal space heater. Every day when she wakes up it's the best day of her life as evident by her hyperness and relentless tail wagging. As much as I love her and as hard as it is not to fall into the Pinterest trap, I do not want her at the wedding. Here's why:

1. I often joke that Roxy is a perpetual two-year-old. She needs constant supervision and will accidentally destroy something out of boredom if left unattended. Toddlers do the same thing, right? 

2. She doesn't hang out with 100 of our closest friends and fam all at the same time on a regular basis, so trying it out at the wedding for the first time isn't the safest bet. Same goes for being in a new environment - I don't want to risk scaring the poor thing.

3. Back to the toddler reference: she needs to come with her own carry-on. Obviously she needs water, food, treats, doggy bags, her leash, and maybe even a blanket from home. Who is going to carry all of this? Where is her food and water going to be set up? Who's going to mop up the trail of water she politely leaves all over the place? 

Obviously she needs to be represented throughout our wedding somehow, but what's a dog mom to do? Our plan is to have her be a part of our engagement shoot and to weave little touches of her cute face throughout the reception. Our favors will be from her (more on that later) and hopefully our cake topper will be a little mini chocolate lab. Our dog is a huge part of our life but the idea of her tail knocking over the pipe and drape is reason enough to leave her comfortably at the puppy spa for the day.


Photo Cred: Dragon Studio

Photo Cred: Dragon Studio