Mike Dragon: The Guy Behind The Camera

It goes without saying that Mike of Dragon Studio is a FANTASTIC photographer. From commercial projects, to shooting weddings and stylized shoots, to family sessions, to maintaining a kickass blog with his BFF, his calendar is full with all sorts of fun activities.

Aside from his talent, my favorite thing about Mike is his quirkiness/ fun personality. He came to visit our new space a couple of weeks ago, so naturally I had to get him in front of the camera! Sure, I can tell you about his crazy socks or how he has zero hesitation to wear a wig, but video really gets the point across. 

I often joke with our couples that you really want to make sure you like your photographer. Not only are they going to be in your face for 8 hours, but the more comfortable you feel with them the better your photos will be overall. Of course that's just my personal opinion, but given how far out Mike's calendar is booked I can't help but think I might be onto something...