In the Hot Seat: Stellar Exposures

When I first started Cherry Blossom in 2012, I thought I had to be a certain way. Tattoos? Should probably hide those. My unconventional way of thinking? Try to keep that to myself. A love for tacos and margaritas? Probably not an image I should project. 

Throughout the years I've met a handful of awesome people who have encourage me to really just be myself. They're usually the ones who aren't posing properly in every networking photo and give the biggest bear hugs. Amanda from Stellar Exposures is one of those people. 

Aside from her beautiful photography, her offbeat approach to business just warms my heart. She loves what she does and is great at it, has no qualms with shooting in high stress situations (cough cough weddings), and is always down for an adventure. She loves hard and it shows with every couple she captures. Amanda is the type of person you don't mind in the room when your dress is struggling to zip up - that totally happened to me! - and the first one you want to high five after the thrill of your ceremony. 

During our Champagne with Cherry Blossom interview, I peppered her with questions pertaining specifically to her business. For those of you starting your own business adventure and not feeling like you exactly fit in, this one is for you!