Half Goals for the Second Half of the Year

Hello JUUUUULLLLLLYYYYYYY! Six full months of the year has whizzed by and here we are with the second half of the year just starring at our faces. The rest of July all the way through December have some pretty big shoes to fill considering how awesome January through June was. The first half of the year will win because that's when I got married (5 months ago today to be exact!), but that doesn't mean I don't have goals to punch through - 

1. Get the hell off social media. I mean it this time! If nothing else I need to be mindful how often I'm mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. It's not a healthy place for my head to be and there's just too much beauty right in front of me. I downloaded some social media blockers on my phone to test them out - I'm confident one of them will work.

2. Book at least 6 more events for 2017. When I switched our name from Cherry Blossom Weddings to Cherry Blossom Planning Factory it was intentional because I knew I wanted to fill in the year with some corporate events. So far this year we've had 2 and I'm so thankful for that. Hopefully at least 1 of the 6 new ones will be another corporate event, too! 

3. Get some speaking gigs on the calendar. In my mind I'll be just as poised and funny as Tina Fey during a cold open on SNL or as Carrie Bradshaw at a book reading. I'll have to remember to keep these thoughts in mind when I'm trying not to vomit right before I go on stage.  

4. Collaborate on a wedding or event with a pro from Seattle. Pike Place Fish Market! Great pinots! THE GUM WALL! A fresh perspective and the opportunity to learn something new on a totally different coast! What's not to love about this idea?! I don't expect this to come to fruition before 2018, but I bet I can get the wheels in motion if I try hard enough! 

5. Keep this rhythm going. Right now I'm on a good rotation during the week: wake up @ 4:30, gym @ 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning depending on the class, I do what I want until 9:00, and then it's time to hustle. Meetings, emails, protein shake, repeat. Come home by 6:30, quality husband time until 10:00, and then it's time to do it all over again. Steven and I have so many fun projects we've been working on (hello Salazar Lane and Champagne with Cherry Blossom) and I want us to keep these trains running; the only way I know how to do that in my left-sided brain is to maintain a schedule, ha!