Cherry Blossom Takes YouTube

It's crazy how a simple idea spirals into a web of craziness. Let's take Kristina's homemade behind-the-scenes GoPro video as an example. The concept was simple: she was going to follow us around throughout a wedding to piece together a quick little snapshot of what we do. Sounds easy enough, right? She did a great job editing the video, added music, and caught some real moments. We were proud little ninjas and wanted to upload it our website to show the whole world! 

Then our dreams came crashing down because SquareSpace doesn't support uploaded videos. You can embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo, but we couldn't simply add the video to our blog and write about it.

Well shit. Now what? Create a YouTube channel, I guess?! Well, if we're going to create a whole channel, what else should we be putting on it? A few glasses of bubbly later and "Champagne with Cherry Blossom" was born. 


Truth be told the "Champagne with Cherry Blossom" concept was my shiny new husband's idea. He's an avid YouTube watcher and uses it as his main source of information. He's really into the car scene and always enjoys those clips about the people involved, so why not apply that to our wedding friends? It helps that I ask a lot of questions by nature and he's really good at IT, plus our wedding + event community has interesting characters so there's a ton of content built in.

Our plan is to collect the videos, edit them quickly, and push them out on Fridays. We're still figuring out the details and have NO IDEA what the heck we're doing, but hey, so far it's been fun. Right now we're being driven by our community friends and all the laughter behind the scenes, and that's enough to keep us going. Stay tuned for videos featuring Intellect Media, Katherine Hallberg Design, Get Me To I Do, Dragon Studio and who knows who else?! If I ask you to come the office, just make sure to brush your hair because you might end up on YouTube later ;)