A Day In The Life Of A Paper Crafting Queen

When making selfie stations is your business, you know a thing or two about designing interesting backdrops. Katherine of Katherine Hallberg Designs creates hundreds of backdrops a year for clients wanting them for everything from baby showers to weddings. She is full of original ideas and I'm pretty sure her creativity rivals Willy Wonka's. 

Katherine's home studio is filled with interesting shapes on the wall just for inspiration, cool garlands are hanging from the corners, and she has an entire set up just to show off her recent backdrop creations (the one we saw was made out of coffee filters). She sat down with me one afternoon at Jollity and let me pick her brain for a bit for our Champagne with Cherry Blossom series on YouTube - naturally I had a ton of questions! 

Ps. That cool airplane project she mentions halfway through is for one of our weddings. Can't wait to see it come to life!