Being Prepared with Hey DJ Bobby

I know, I know, you get it... planning an event is hard and has a ton of moving pieces. Let's take one piece of the puzzle, say sound, and break that down for a minute. Bobby of Hey DJ knows his stuff and is a prime example of why I always suggest hiring a professional. A back up generator?! Seems logical enough but it's not something in our emergency kits! Bobby is passionate about what he does and will happily nerd out over equipment when given the opportunity. If you have a meeting scheduled with him, don't say I didn't warn you! ;) 

Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding

I am a huge sucker for lighting at weddings and events. Uplights alone can completely transform the look of a room in an instant. Add in some pin spots, edison bulbs for that hipster vibe, and a cool wallpaper and BAM - instant makeover. I realize this all sounds a little confusing (wallpaper for lighting... huh?) so we hung out with Courtney and Kaci from Stage Right Weddings & Special Events to better explain what all these fun words actually mean. Prepare to see me geek out too!  

Things NOT To DIY For Your Wedding

It's no secret - there are just certain things you should not DIY for your wedding. It might be because of the time it takes to complete the project, maybe the fact the cost for someone else to do it is nominal, or just skipping it for the sake of your sanity. My planner pal Heidi, from Heidi Joy Events, is a whiz at production and sets up all kinds of crazy things and even she has some hard no's when it comes to advice for her clients. 

How to Respond to Dumb Questions

There is something magical about the holidays. It gets dark a lot earlier, the weather starts to shift, and the dumb questions from friends and family just seem roll out uncontrollably. Just me? 

In their defense they probably don't realize what they're asking is slightly (or overtly) offensive, and since you love them let's assume they're coming from a good place. Rather than feel all awkward or annoyed, use some of these quick replies instead! 

The Truth Behind Bridal Sizing with Milk and Honey Bride

Hi everyone! This is Cherry Blossom's fall intern, Heather! I have been helping out with the Facebook live videos (and a few Instagram stories against my will). I recently had the pleasure of learning the in’s and out’s of a local bridal salon, Milk and Honey Bride.

Everyday there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the event world. While you are going about your work day, there is a florist putting together this weekends wedding bouquets, a bridal consultant helping a bride choose her dream dress, a baker creating a beautiful wedding cake, and so much more!

The first thing I noticed about this bridal salon was the incredible staff that consisted of the owner, Brooke, and her best friend, Missy. There is no doubt that when a bride comes into the salon, she is guaranteed undivided attention.

As a bride, there is a sense of relief knowing that you’re in good hands, because let’s face it- bridal sizing can be very discouraging to those who are don’t have much knowledge on the topic. It is no secret that Brooke has a passion for bridal gowns and making people feel beautiful. Here is a sneak peak into how she started this beautiful space!

Timeline Basics

There are so many details that go into a wedding timeline. Of course there are the staples such as ceremony start time, dinner, toasts, cake, grand exit, but there are also about a million other components that tell the whole story of how the day is going to unfold. It might seem frivolous when I'm asking which song you want to hear during your bouquet toss but I promise it's for a reason! Aside from the minutia, the video below will help get the framework in place for you to really get the ball rolling. If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments!